The Wrapped Up Tour—It’s A Wrap

May 07, 2013 | Ed McKenna | 3 Comments


If you follow us on Twitter and Facebook, then you may have heard about Rick Rodriguez’s three and a half month blitz across the country − The Wrapped Up Tour.

(If you don’t follow us, then check out the links above.)

The tour snaked from coast to coast, from the Carolinas to the Great Lakes to California, and it all, well, ‘wrapped up’ in Scottsdale, AZ on May 4th.

Along the way, Rick met a lot of great people and shared the story behind the legendary La Traviata wrappers.

And he also shared a limited-edition cigar, the Mochado. A rough-cut stick available on the tour only, it was a small version of La Traviata’s Natural and Maduro cigars, except that it was wrapped only ¾ of the way down to the foot. The remaining portion was made of only La Traviata’s coveted binder and filler. This created an intriguing flavor change mid-smoke.

People loved the Mochado and the tour, and we’re thinking about doing something like it again. So stay tuned for upcoming events and other limited-edition cigars.

"It was a great time with some great people. I want to thank everyone who came out to the events and had a chance to share the Mochado with me!" - Rick Rodriguez

Were you at the tour? Got Mochado envy? Let us know.


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  • Christopher A Otero 25/06/2013 3:58am (5 years ago)

    First let me start by saying I only tried your cigars because my initials are "CAO". But when I tried your MXII daggers and the La Traviata, I fell in love with your product . People say that Cuban cigars are the worlds best...... NO WAY!!! I will always be a loyal customer of your brand til the day I die!!! My birthday is July 6th 1972 and have been hinting to my family but they just don t get it. I even asked for the lowest price box here in America. I doubt I ll get them but o well one can wish and one cigar every month ain't bad excuse my grammar. I did buy "The Last Stick" in the triangle box, they were all great but the"A" is clearly the winner to me. Also if u have any newsletters I would love to receive them send to: Christopher A Otero 11900 Tivoli Ave NE. Albuquerque, New Mexico 87111. Please keep up the super work and Thank You so much for your time. Sincerely, CAO ;)

  • TriMarkC 21/05/2013 8:10am (5 years ago)

    I was not able to attend this year's tour, so hoping that you decide YES to the Mochado!! Would love to try that cigar.

    I also like Dan Grillo's idea about the 3-Nation Tour with the America, Brazilia & Italia highlighting.

  • Dan Grillo 08/05/2013 7:52pm (5 years ago)

    Your next tour should be the c'n c tour celebrating two great cigars that fly under the radar. The two cigars being the criollo and the Cameroon. Or the 3 nation tour promoting the cao America, the cao Braziliaand the cao Italia.Whether you want to use the old Brazilia or the new remixe that is up to you. Stay safe see you at the cigar expo at famous

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