Meet The Perfect Harmony Collection

May 17, 2013 | Ed McKenna | 3 Comments


Last year, we launched Concert, a medium-full bodied cigar inspired by our Music City Roots.

Well, people really dig it. It’s gotten high ratings and rave reviews from all over.

And because of that great response, we’ve decided to create the Perfect Harmony Collection, a four-pack featuring Concert’s four sizes−the Roadie (54 ring), Stage (60), Amp (46) and Solo (50) − all for the price of just three cigars.

It also comes with two free coasters featuring artwork inspired by seven of our top selling lines: Concert, Gold, Mx2, La Traviata, OSA, Brazilia and Flavour.

So pick up a pack at your local cigar shop today, light one up and pour your favorite adult beverage.

We got you covered all around.



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  • Posted by scott
    14/07/2013 10:56am (9 months ago)

    really nice smoke!!!!!

  • Posted by david walker
    24/05/2013 12:39am (11 months ago)

    Love Cigars!

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